Charitable Gift Annuity Rates Scheduled to Change

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Receive Fixed Income for Life

A charitable gift annuity is simple: You make a donation using cash, marketable securities or other assets, and we, in turn, pay you a fixed amount for life. With this type of gift, you can feel secure knowing you will receive stable payments for as long as you live. Minimum gift amount is $25,000. Minimum age requirement is 60 years old.

And now, if you make your gift by June 30, the gift annuity rates will be an estimated 0.3% to 0.5% higher than they will be beginning July 1.

Your Benefits

Gift annuities don’t just increase your retirement income as you help shape our future. They also offer you numerous tax benefits, including:

  • A partial income tax charitable deduction now for your gift, if you itemize
  • Income-tax-free portions of each payment throughout your estimated life expectancy
  • Capital gains tax savings on appreciated property you donate

Request Your Personal Illustration

We would be happy to send you a free, no-obligation illustration showing you the benefits you can receive from a charitable gift annuity if you make your gift before July 1. Your personalized illustration will include your potential income tax charitable deduction and our annual payments to you for life. Contact Rachel Gitner at or 503-413-6774 to take the next step.